ChoiceWorker i.e where you are now, is a online marketplace for freelancers (people who sell their services) to meet with interested buyers. We provide the platform for businesses to flourish without having to register sign up and blah blah blah with CAC. We took over that stress for you.
A service is an offer to complete a certain task.
You can create a service in 3 easy steps:
Step 1:

Sign Up, verify your account and create a profile.

Step 2:

Click on the 'Create service' button on your Dashboard and fill in the service details

Step 3:

Do nothing. the instruction ends in Step 2.

To edit an already existing service, simply click on the 'Edit service' button on your Dashboard and select the service you want to edit.
No, you are not obligated to sell a service. You are allowed to purchase services if that is all you need.
Yes all bank details are secure. We do not store bank details on our servers and all bank details are encrypted and during transaction processing to ensure safety.
For every service sold, there is a 10% commission. Also for 3rd party withdrawals to you account, an amount of ₦120 + 1.5% of the withdrawal is charged by our payment service providers.
So if you sell a ₦3000 service, a commission of ₦300 is due and the sum of ₦ is paid to the payment service provider on withdrawal, making a sum total of ₦. The amount payable is ₦3000 - ₦
Our payment service provider, CashEnvoy accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Verve for all payments.
Payment for services are made available to sellers 7days after services have been completed and approved by the Buyer. Also if you will like your payments weekly/twice a month/monthly, we can set that up for you. You can read more here in terms and conditions.
To cancel an order, notify the seller and ask him/her to cancel the order. the funds will be credited to your ChoiceWorker account and can be used for other purchases. You can read more here in terms and conditions.
Seller Levels are inhouse metrics used to guage a sellers ability. This is based on various factors namely:
  1. Number of services sold.
  2. Average ratings of services sold.
  3. Average delivery time.
Sellers are allowed to post a select amount of active services based on their Level status.
  • 1 service for sellers at Beginner Level.
  • 5 services for Level 1 sellers.
  • 14 services for Level 2 sellers.
  • 30 services for Top Rated sellers.
You can read more here terms and conditions.
If a transaction fails due to a product not meeting specifications, the buyer and seller must agree before the transaction is cancelled. At this point, the money paid is refunded to the buyer's balance with a 3% return fee for processing. Should any further disput ensue, please contact ChoiceWorker support. You can read more here terms and conditions.
Cant find what you need? Send us a mail support@choiceworker.com