How We work for you.

Selling on ChoiceWorker

To ensure that business is smooth, selling services on ChoiceWorker has been made easy. Simply follow the 4 easy steps:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Offer a Service
    To offer a service, create your service by clicking on the Sell a Servicebutton on your dashboard. Make sure you are detailed about what your service offers.
  3. Accept orders and complete them on time to ensure payment. Also ensure you treat your clients well so they come back.

Why Sell on ChoiceWorker

  1. ChoiceWorker is a professional platform that ensures you get the best clients without hassle. Selling services on ChoiceWorker opens you up to a wider client base without location barriers, all waiting for you.
  2. With every job completed on ChoiceWorker, you will be building a robust portfolio and Resume (if you decide to go into full time employment). You can also go move from freelancer to a full time business anytime.
  3. You can also collaborate with other professionals for projects bigger than you.

Hiring on ChoiceWorker

Hiring the right professional for your service needs can be very challenging. At ChoiceWorker, we have taken the challenge out of the process. With our variety of professionals offering a good range of services, you will be able to hire a service professional that fits your needs. To buy a service:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Browse through categories or use our search to find your choice professional.
  3. Pick a service suitable for you and place an order. Professionals will respond as quickly as possible (1 day max) and begin working on your needs.
  4. If your order is cancelled by the professional(maybe his schedule is full), we will provide suitable alternatives to ensure your needs are met.

Why Hire on ChoiceWorker

  1. Integrity is our watch word. We ensure all services meet your needs at the right pricing. With our Escrow payment, you don't have to worry about professionals running away with your money. We hold payments till you are satisfied with the job.
  2. We believe every customer must have their needs met at their Convenience. ChoiceWorker is available 24/7 to meet that urgent need.
  3. Finding a professional for your needs is not the problem anymore. Getting Exceptional service is. With ChoiceWorker, you can;
    • Follow up on your jobs and projects using our robust messaging system.
    • Exchange files and preview your job's progress.